July 23, 2014

Newfie Escape

Our big black Newfoundlands have slipped the gate. Please keep an eye out for them. They have tags on. "Mojo and Omar"  Super Friendly. Please call Lynne (206) 940-1875

Update: Found playing with 3 little girls who weren't much taller than they are. Gentle giants who adore children:) 

July 14, 2014

Solarize Burien Free meeting July 19

A new incentive campaign for residential solar power is headed this way.  Through a nonprofit-led program called Solarize Washington, homes and small businesses can qualify for special pricing and take advantage of many incentives that make solar installations more affordable than ever.

Sustainable Burien is partnering with Northwest SEED and Seattle City Light to offer the opportunity to solarize our community and receive a limited time group discount at a FREE Solar Workshop at the Burien Library on Saturday, July 19,10:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

If you attend, you can get a free site assessment; please register atwww.solarizewa.org.

July 9, 2014

Lost Yellow Lab

Chloe Shreeve is a yellow lab who has gone missing this morning from her home on 120th st SW. She is not wearing a collar, is 7 years old and has had a lot of recent trauma due to all the recent fireworks. Please call the Shreeve's at 206 949-1603 or 206 433-4465 if you see or have Chloe. Please, everyone, watch for Chloe!

July 7, 2014

More Neighbors comment on Fireworks

Once again, our local "patriotic" scoff-laws have terrorized pets and toddlers in our neighborhood with their illegal amateur fireworks on July 4th.

These illegal explosives aren't "harmless." Every year there are run-away pets, injured children, and local fires caused by these bad neighbors.

Expressing yourself at the peril of others is not patriotic -- it's obnoxious, inconsiderate, and dangerous to your friends and neighbors.

Mike D.

July 5, 2014

SOTS Fireworks Escalated beyond Tolerance

Neighbor speaks out on Shorewood Dr. Fireworks:

"Last night fireworks were being ignited in Shorewood well past 11 p.m.  We live on Shorewood Dr and as I stood out in the front yard I felt and heard debris hitting our home and yard.  One firework landed on the umbrella in our backyard - luckily it did not melt the fabric.  “Neighbors” on both sides of our home were lighting off fireworks that could only be described as show fireworks - these displays do not belong in our neighborhood.  This year’s activity was probably the most intense and loudest I’ve experienced living here since 1998.  Our front window (5x10) rattled well into the night with some of the explosions.  When I stood outside between about 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. it sounded like a war zone.  I know that much of the noise came from outside our neighborhood but there was plenty coming from within. Fireworks are as much a nuisance as tall trees blocking our views.  Fireworks are illegal in Burien - period.  We tried to talk to one of the newest neighbors and, while being polite, they simply said they were going to continue shooting off their fireworks because it was July 4.  This morning the remnants are present in your driveways, your streets, your yards and your roofs.  It is time for leadership from within on this issue - not only should the Board engage the Sheriff’s department to plan for 2015, the Board needs to take a stand on this quality of life."

July 4, 2014

Lost Dog: Brown Border Collie/Kelpie with White Markings

Update: Hopie is home!

Our dog, Hopie, escaped our fenced back yard at about 10 pm on July 3rd,
by digging under the fence.    She is about 50 lbs., and tends to bark at
strangers.   If you see her, please call us any time at 650-279-4580.  Her collar
has a Seattle dog tag, number 580892, and her microchip number is

June 12, 2014

Lost Dog: Friendly Black and White Springer Spaniel

"Front Door was left slightly ajar and must have blown open.  Coby left to explore while we were gone Thursday morning, June 12.  If found, our phone number is 206-335-6100.  Address is 11826 21st Ave SW, Burien.  He is micro-chipped but not wearing his collar."

May 13, 2014

Street of Sales June 7th

Dear Shorewood,
Join one of the community's longest running and most fun events! The Streets of Sales, named after the street of dreams!
This year's garage sale is Saturday June 7th. If you have never participated before let me steal a few lines here to convince you.
The Streets of Sales is one of the longest running Shorewood events, beloved by neighbors and shoppers!  Rumor is, the sale has been going almost for 30 years now!
If you asked my opinion, I would say it's a great time to get rid of your treasures and see your neighbors! Not that anyone asked me, but it's also a great way to earn a buck or teach someone young about earning a buck!  Each year the sale is frequented by hundreds of shoppers, some new and some who have been coming to this event for years.
You can go big or small with your spread, or even team up with a friend or neighbor.  Personally, I love inviting friends to have their own table or just to stop by for special Garage Sale morning doughnuts.
Just like last year I will give out a few maps to every participant, along with a balloon to help shoppers find you.  To have the best sale possible and get your balloon, make sure you get on the map!  My contact information is below.  
The sale officially opens at 9am, and I really hope to see you there! The official closing time is 4pm, but you can shut down whenever you are ready!
If you want to sign up please call or email me to be included on the map! I can answer any ( garage sale related) questions and give you some tips for a great sale if you want to pick my brain!
--Heather Ingersoll, event chair and garage sale lover

March 10, 2014

"Salmon Planting" March 16th Normandy Park Cove

Sunday, March 16th, from 2PM to 4PM
Normandy Park Cove “Salmon Planting”
The Community is invited to the Normandy Park “Cove” Salmon Rearing Pond for a “Salmon Planting”
Our local Trout Unlimited Chapter members will be bringing several coolers full of tiny Coho Salmon from their hatchery to the Cove Pond.  Children and adults are encouraged to attend to release the salmon fry.
Children will be provided a plastic cup containing salmon fry for planting in the pond.
For safety around water, all children must be accompanied by an adult.  Bring your camera!
We recommend parking at the Cove Beach Parking Lot.
The fish coolers will be located at the edge of the pond.
Open to the Public.
 Contact Andy Batcho for more information 206-246-1457

March 9, 2014

Work Party at Salmon Creek Ravine on Saturday, March 15th

Hello Neighbors,
Calling all to work this Saturday at Salmon Creek Ravine   
10 am to Noon 
12540 Shorewood DR (The entrance next to the Sewer Treatment plant)

We will be removing invasive plants and planting some small conifer trees! 
Please dress in layers and wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Please wear sturdy shoes and bring along a container of water!  Participants under age 18 need an adult to sign a waiver form and participants under age 13 must be accompanied with an adult.  No restrooms are available at either of these work sites.

** Please note, if you received this e-mail and are not interested in receiving future e-mails please reply me so I can remove your name.

Jean Spohn
Volunteer Steward of Salmon Creek Ravine and Shorewood Park
City of Burien Adopt-a-Park program
Shorewood on the Sound Community Club
Environmental Science Center

February 20, 2014

Finalists for Burien City Manager Position Chosen

On January 23, the City Council reviewed the candidate pool from the 46 applications received and identified the semi-finalists. These candidates were asked to respond to 20 written questions and five videotaped questions.
The City Council met in executive session on February 10 to discuss the semi-finalists for the Burien City Manager position and subsequently identified six finalists.
Finalists will be given a City staff-led tour of the City and will take part in a reception for the general public on Friday, Feb. 28, 5:30 - 7:30 pm , in the Burien Community Center lobby, 14700 6th Ave. SW.  This will provide an opportunity for the public to meet the finalists.
On March 1, interviews will be conducted by the City Council in executive session. The City leadership team and a panel made up of City advisory board representatives also will interview the finalists.
The Council hopes to make its final decision on Burien's next city manager at its March 3 meeting. The selection will be made public after a contract is negotiated.

February 11, 2014

February Board Meeting - Change in Venue - Important Discussion on Salmon Creek

Our regular SOTS February Board Meeting has had a change of venue. We will now be meeting at the Normandy Park Community Club Clubhouse at the Cove - 1500 SW Shorebrook Dr (at S 12th Ave). The meeting is on February 20 and starts at 7:00 sharp with a presentation by Andy Batcho.

Andy will be giving a presentation on what we need to develop a plan for monitoring Salmon Creek, how to document barriers, types of stream data that we need to collect, how to work safely, etc. We would like to start taking data and stream measurements in March and establish a time line for taking periodic measurements. Our measurements and data collection will determine what kinds of restoration  might be needed for Salmon Creek.

Please invite anyone who is interested in monitoring Salmon Creek and/or who would like to be involved in performing restoration work in the ravine area.


February 6, 2014

Recap of 1/30 CC&R Meeting

We called the neighborhood meeting to order and began by stating that the purpose of the meeting was to get input from each individual division.  Joe Cail then gave a reading of the current draft, giving short explanations of each section.  He then laid out guidelines as to how we would like  individual groups to document their questions, concerns, and additions.  Gary Harris added that group discussion was open to all topics regarding the CC&Rs, including doing only a minimal update which would remove obsolete and offensive language, or abandonment, (or keeping them as they are if those were the wishes of the group).  

Four divisions have CC&Rs eligible for renewal in the next 2 years, so we had prepared to divide attendees into four discussion groups; one each for the divisions of Shorewood #1 & #3, Shoreview, Shormont #1, and Shoremont #2.  Higgins Addition representatives also attended, but their CC&Rs are not eligible to be updated until 2022 so representatives from that group joined the Shorewood #1 & #3 division discussion.  Only one resident of Shoremont #1 showed up so they worked with the Shoreview division group. Others attending but not living within the four main divisions were invited to sit where they like and were free to join in.

Committee members floated between groups to answer questions and to make sure notes were taken and the discussion was not monopolized by any one group member.

After group meetings, open discussion followed. We went group by group to share all the questions and comments of everyone in attendance.
Shoreview/Shoremont #1:  Suggested we move the 6 month grandfathering clause currently within the building restrictions section up one paragraph and add it into the general provisions paragraph.  This would make grandfathering apply to all portions of the CC&Rs.  They would like to reduce the proposed new height limit of 30' now in the draft back down to the perceived 25' now being used.  Shoreview only.  Shoremont #1 liked the 30' limit and would rather keep it as is.  They also found 3 typos in the text to correct.
Shoremont #2:  Likes everything as it is and says no changes are necessary.  But supported the changes of Shoreview (except for height limit).  They requested we update the current draft and bring it to the community for final vote.
Shorewood #1 & #3:  Lively discussion, but no consensus on any changes was reached.  Main comments were as follows:  One member saying CC&Rs are absolutely unenforceable so no reason to go further, but others in the group disagreed and discussion continued.  Three issues about changing tree height as the slope increases so that people living on or at the bottom of steep slopes would not be required to maintain their trees.  One request to add "unreasonably disturb" to the control pet paragraph, but no description of  "unreasonable" was offered.     

We had a committee meeting on 2/5 to work on incorporating each of these concerns into the current CC&R draft.  As soon as consensus is reached we will publish the draft on FB and on the SOTS website, and then take that draft to the club attorney for final review.

We hope to have everything completed and ready for another neighborhood meeting early in May, where discussion of each update option will be the focus and we may even be able to begin recording neighborhood votes. 

Everyone is invited to call or email any of us on the Committee if you have questions or concerns.  We don't each have all of the answers to every question, but we will do our best.