October 20, 2014

Another Daytime Coyote Sighting

"I just saw another coyote on 28th SW near 114th SW, about 1:10 PM today.
This one was more bold as it just moved to the far side of the road at the beginning of a driveway, as I drove by.
I don't recall seeing one in the middle of the day before."

October 3, 2014

Coyote Sighting

"This morning about 6:15 AM, two coyotes were seen running on the road heading south up the hill near the sewage treatment plant."

September 16, 2014


Hello Neighbors:  My neighbors have agreed to cut, trim and remove some trees in the view line of several homes.  Can anyone recommend tree removal companies that can remove large tees and do stump removal as well.  Thanks , Candace


Hi there! We're newer members of the community, the Denniston's at 12857 Shorecrest Dr SW. My husband left our iPad on the car this morning (Monday the 15th) and we think it most likely fell off the car so where in the neighborhood as he drove our daughter to school heading into west seattle.

If anyone finds it, which would be a miracle, we'd be more than appreciative!

Rikki Denniston

July 23, 2014

Newfie Escape

Our big black Newfoundlands have slipped the gate. Please keep an eye out for them. They have tags on. "Mojo and Omar"  Super Friendly. Please call Lynne (206) 940-1875

Update: Found playing with 3 little girls who weren't much taller than they are. Gentle giants who adore children:) 

July 14, 2014

Solarize Burien Free meeting July 19

A new incentive campaign for residential solar power is headed this way.  Through a nonprofit-led program called Solarize Washington, homes and small businesses can qualify for special pricing and take advantage of many incentives that make solar installations more affordable than ever.

Sustainable Burien is partnering with Northwest SEED and Seattle City Light to offer the opportunity to solarize our community and receive a limited time group discount at a FREE Solar Workshop at the Burien Library on Saturday, July 19,10:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

If you attend, you can get a free site assessment; please register atwww.solarizewa.org.

July 9, 2014

Lost Yellow Lab

Chloe Shreeve is a yellow lab who has gone missing this morning from her home on 120th st SW. She is not wearing a collar, is 7 years old and has had a lot of recent trauma due to all the recent fireworks. Please call the Shreeve's at 206 949-1603 or 206 433-4465 if you see or have Chloe. Please, everyone, watch for Chloe!

July 7, 2014

More Neighbors comment on Fireworks

Once again, our local "patriotic" scoff-laws have terrorized pets and toddlers in our neighborhood with their illegal amateur fireworks on July 4th.

These illegal explosives aren't "harmless." Every year there are run-away pets, injured children, and local fires caused by these bad neighbors.

Expressing yourself at the peril of others is not patriotic -- it's obnoxious, inconsiderate, and dangerous to your friends and neighbors.

Mike D.

July 5, 2014

SOTS Fireworks Escalated beyond Tolerance

Neighbor speaks out on Shorewood Dr. Fireworks:

"Last night fireworks were being ignited in Shorewood well past 11 p.m.  We live on Shorewood Dr and as I stood out in the front yard I felt and heard debris hitting our home and yard.  One firework landed on the umbrella in our backyard - luckily it did not melt the fabric.  “Neighbors” on both sides of our home were lighting off fireworks that could only be described as show fireworks - these displays do not belong in our neighborhood.  This year’s activity was probably the most intense and loudest I’ve experienced living here since 1998.  Our front window (5x10) rattled well into the night with some of the explosions.  When I stood outside between about 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. it sounded like a war zone.  I know that much of the noise came from outside our neighborhood but there was plenty coming from within. Fireworks are as much a nuisance as tall trees blocking our views.  Fireworks are illegal in Burien - period.  We tried to talk to one of the newest neighbors and, while being polite, they simply said they were going to continue shooting off their fireworks because it was July 4.  This morning the remnants are present in your driveways, your streets, your yards and your roofs.  It is time for leadership from within on this issue - not only should the Board engage the Sheriff’s department to plan for 2015, the Board needs to take a stand on this quality of life."

July 4, 2014

Lost Dog: Brown Border Collie/Kelpie with White Markings

Update: Hopie is home!

Our dog, Hopie, escaped our fenced back yard at about 10 pm on July 3rd,
by digging under the fence.    She is about 50 lbs., and tends to bark at
strangers.   If you see her, please call us any time at 650-279-4580.  Her collar
has a Seattle dog tag, number 580892, and her microchip number is

June 12, 2014

Lost Dog: Friendly Black and White Springer Spaniel

"Front Door was left slightly ajar and must have blown open.  Coby left to explore while we were gone Thursday morning, June 12.  If found, our phone number is 206-335-6100.  Address is 11826 21st Ave SW, Burien.  He is micro-chipped but not wearing his collar."

May 13, 2014

Street of Sales June 7th

Dear Shorewood,
Join one of the community's longest running and most fun events! The Streets of Sales, named after the street of dreams!
This year's garage sale is Saturday June 7th. If you have never participated before let me steal a few lines here to convince you.
The Streets of Sales is one of the longest running Shorewood events, beloved by neighbors and shoppers!  Rumor is, the sale has been going almost for 30 years now!
If you asked my opinion, I would say it's a great time to get rid of your treasures and see your neighbors! Not that anyone asked me, but it's also a great way to earn a buck or teach someone young about earning a buck!  Each year the sale is frequented by hundreds of shoppers, some new and some who have been coming to this event for years.
You can go big or small with your spread, or even team up with a friend or neighbor.  Personally, I love inviting friends to have their own table or just to stop by for special Garage Sale morning doughnuts.
Just like last year I will give out a few maps to every participant, along with a balloon to help shoppers find you.  To have the best sale possible and get your balloon, make sure you get on the map!  My contact information is below.  
The sale officially opens at 9am, and I really hope to see you there! The official closing time is 4pm, but you can shut down whenever you are ready!
If you want to sign up please call or email me to be included on the map! I can answer any ( garage sale related) questions and give you some tips for a great sale if you want to pick my brain!
--Heather Ingersoll, event chair and garage sale lover

March 10, 2014

"Salmon Planting" March 16th Normandy Park Cove

Sunday, March 16th, from 2PM to 4PM
Normandy Park Cove “Salmon Planting”
The Community is invited to the Normandy Park “Cove” Salmon Rearing Pond for a “Salmon Planting”
Our local Trout Unlimited Chapter members will be bringing several coolers full of tiny Coho Salmon from their hatchery to the Cove Pond.  Children and adults are encouraged to attend to release the salmon fry.
Children will be provided a plastic cup containing salmon fry for planting in the pond.
For safety around water, all children must be accompanied by an adult.  Bring your camera!
We recommend parking at the Cove Beach Parking Lot.
The fish coolers will be located at the edge of the pond.
Open to the Public.
 Contact Andy Batcho for more information 206-246-1457