April 21, 2010

Coyote Attack

The Hautala family of SOTS recently lost their beloved pet to coyotes.
Here is a recount of the horrible incident as reported by Diana Hautala...

"I let Fritz, our 13 year old dachshund, and Mollie, our 4 year old adopted pit bull, outside in our front yard to go potty at 4:30 am. Usually they stay in the yard, go pee and come back in. They heard/saw something and ran down the driveway . I heard some commotion and called them back inside. It took a while for Mollie to return but Fritz never came. Mollie lead me across Cecil Tices' lawn, to the neighbor's driveway where Fritz was lying and not moving.
I thought he was dead.

I ran home and got Ray. Fritz was in shock, bleeding from the neck and apparently not breathing. We rushed him to the emergency vet and he had severe puncture wounds and trauma to his throat and neck area but he was in shock and still alive. We had to put him down as he was too old and wouldn't survive an intensive surgery.

Mollie had cuts and puncture wounds to her back legs and paws. She was treated at our vet that afternoon. She must have fought the coyotes off of Fritz but he was too old and slow to get away.

We've seen coyotes in the neighborhood and heard them in the canyon area, but never worried about them in the front yard."

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Kevin D said...

Not good. I've never seen coyotes as unafraid of people those around here.

Thanks for the update. I'll post this to Facebook for you.